A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

|| Approved by steam for release, still in development ||

In short Drifty Tanks is a 2D shooter with a small twist. The control scheme is like something not used in games before it. Hard to control, even harder to master. 

Currently with two game modes and a third on the way Drifty Tanks will forever be expanding, the two current game modes are the classic death match, and the short but sweet knock out.


Death match: The objective of this game mode is pretty straightforward. Pick a map, and shoot your enemy until he's dead, first person to win 3 rounds is declared the winner. You'll see how thats easier said than done when you begin to draft in crazy ways while dodging bullets that your opponent somehow managed to aim in a somewhat accurate direction at you. Then you'll try to run in fear as you realized he reached a power up before you did, but it's too late and they annihilate you.

Knockout: Knockouts premises is simple, knock your enemy into the lava without getting knocked into the lava your self. This whole ideology goes away when the best control you  can manage over your tank is a circle, it's okay though because when you look at your enemy you see that he's doing wonky donuts in his tank as well.


Planned Game Modes: 

        - Soccer: Does running into a soccer ball with a tank you can't control really need an explanation? (The answer is yes but the game mode is in beta so we're gonna hold off on that for now)

      - Single Player Deathmatch: We currently have a semi-functioning AI that will shoot, dodge, and dash for those of you without someone to play with

      - Online Deathmatch: Have you ever tried to make an online game? Do you know how difficult that is? We're working on it, it'll be done soon hopefully.


Controls: The controls for this game are simple. 

       -Pink Tank: WASD to move, Space to shoot

      -Blue Tank: Arrow Keys to move, right shift to shoot


Our message to you: Wow. Thanks for reading this far. Really. We appreciate it. Now if you read this far you might actually care about the game or be interested in playing it, or have already played it, or you're bored, whatever the reason, Thank You, this is the first indie game we plan on releasing and it really means a lot to us that you're still reading. That being said we need help, and every single person can help. We haven't been able to get our game as much publicity as we hoped, so if you happen to stumble across this itch.io page please share it with someone, anyone, we really do appreciate it, and send us an email (ponybombstudios@gmail.com)  that you enjoy the game, you can include any criticism, comments, bragging that you shared it, really anything, we would love to talk to you. 


Want to help make the game?: This is our first game that we hope to release, and obviously it isn't done yet and there is still a lot to do. If you can code, make art, make noises that sound cool, or anything else that would help us, send us an email at ponybombstudios@gmail.com, and of course we would give you credit where credit is due. Thank You!!

Install instructions

Download the zip file. Unzip. Open the .exe if you're on windows, or open the game file if you're on Mac.


Drifty Tanks Windows.zip 16 MB
DriftyTanksMac.zip 19 MB