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Drifty Tanks is a Local Multiplayer 2D Top-Down Shooter game. In Drifty Tanks there are 2 existing gamemodes with 2 more planned and on the way. The gamemodes are not the only thing that makes Drifty Tanks unique, the controll scheme is like not commonly used in games and it causes the tanks to drift across the screen making them harder to controll and making the game more fun over all. The existing game modes right now are Deathmatch and Knockout, both of them are pretty self explanatory. In Deathmatch the goal is to be the first one to 10 and you score points by shooting your enemy. Every shot that hits them is a point for you. Both players generate ammo at a rate of 1 ammo every 5 seconds in deathmatch, and you can hold up to 6 bullets at once. In knock out the game concept is even simpler, knock the other player into the wall without touching the wall your self, if you can do this you win, but it is harder than it sounds because of the drift. The two gamemodes that we are making right now are Single Player survival and Multiplayer Survival. In single player survial you fight off waves of enemys by your self and you try to last as long as possible, in multiplayer survival you do the same thing, but you have a teammate.


DriftyTanksMac1.5Beta.app.zip (22 MB)
DriftyTanksTimeTrevl.zip (54 MB)


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Awesome game! It's really fun and the game mechanics are genius! :D

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Hello all! Thanks for checking out the game. Please be sure to leave your feedback here in the comments. We will be checking constantly and we love to hear what you have to say about our game. If you happen to find a bug, don't be afraid to tell us! Currently, we found a layer bug that causes the blue tank to be overlayered by the center river in one of the levels. There are also a few resolution bugs that we are currently fixing. I'm very excited to hear what you guys have to say. Thanks!

Edit: We have just uploaded a fixed version of the game that fixes the layering bug on the river level, and the bug that stopped knock out from working properly, Thank you again for taking the time to read this and check out our game.